Professional Plant Care: More than Meets the Eye

Taking care of indoor plants require skill, devotion and well, yes, love, so their beauty launches distinctly into the surroundings.

As simple as it may seem, professional plant care requires much more than the process of giving it water. Most plants brought indoors are from tropical climates where water cascades down a rainforests’ canopy of tall trees until tiny drizzles of water end up on the plants far below. Contrary to belief that these plants need lots of water, most of them end up drowning in kindness that equates to over-watering. So it is no surprise a key component to successful indoor plantscaping is the technicians.

Plant technicians have garnered years of experience tending to our green leafy friends. A far cry from simple plant janitors, they bring innate knowledge of plant mechanics with them every day. Root depth, soil preference, and water requirements are just some of the cultivated information these technicians carry with them. Yet an even greater skill is the ability to memorize and locate each plant spread out over thousands of square feet where they quickly service $1,000s worth of plants every day. This guaranteed specialized service comes from an independent state of mind the techs use to motivate themselves daily, constantly looking for ways to improve their work every week.

One of our technicians came into the office a while back to inform us a client was planning to locate into a new building. By notifying us of this pending move, it gave us the opportunity to suggest our moving services and offer a whole new design for their new offices. The client loved the idea. And so did we. Since the building construction was still in the initial stages, it allowed a budget to be established directly with the architects and designers. The foresight to let us know about the upcoming move showed dedication and incentive to keep us growing.

Technicians wear other hats. As ambassador for our company, technicians play a large role in representing the company’s values, skills and humanity. Sent to some of the most prestigious offices and confidential areas in the top Fortune 500 offices, technicians are trustworthy professionals who work diligently in very high-secured businesses, private homes and also service rooms in high-end hotels. Privy to the operations that are conducted within the various premises, technicians hold discretion and diplomacy in everything they do.

But best of all, technicians are down-to-earth, gracious caretakers whom often befriend or become plant counselors to employees at the various accounts. They love to share their knowledge of plant species, the various colors and sizes, trimming techniques and how to treat pesky bugs. The human touch they give to plant care works extremely well. Happily sharing a smile with all who pass on by, the technicians leave a warm reminder of our presence with each account.

Sporting more than a green thumb, plant technicians work diligently in the name of green, keeping vibrant plants for each client with impeccable service that wins more accounts. Their eye for detail is unsurpassed and we value them immensely. And in turn, the indoor environments we service become infused with the background of life-giving greenery for everyone to enjoy.

Julie Davis Farrow is the CEO and founder of Plantscapers, Inc, an award winning interior plantscaper company located in Southern California. She is an active member of numerous trade associations, including Green Plants for Green Buildings and is also a registered speaker trained by GPGB to present “Authentically Green Interiors: Optimizing Nature’s Design.” To learn more about Julie and Plantscapers, Inc. visit

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