4 “Plant Peeves” Only Experienced Interiorscapers Will Understand

Keeping a plant alive is something most interiorscapers can accomplish. Keeping a plant looking like it just came out of the greenhouse, however, is the real challenge.  When your staff pays attention to details, it reflects in the quality of your interiorscape service. When a plant tech doesn’t, it shows even more. Here are some […]

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Places to Find Inspiration That Will ...

Inspiration…where does it come from? When I started my business in 1988, I already had about 3 years of experience working for an interiors[...]  » Read More

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Back when Bill Clinton was in office, I landed a huge residential design project worth six figures. It was a time when real estate values were ri[...]  » Read More

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Help Florida Growers Rebuild

Florida Foliage Growers Need Our Help! I went to Homestead today to see firsthand what growers were experiencing after Hurricane Irma hit this we[...]  » Read More

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Holiday Decorating as an Interiorscap...

Many of you already offer holiday decorating to your clients, and many of you emphatically say, “no way”. But, if you are wanting to diversify, o[...]  » Read More

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