Smartphone Usage & Work Productivity: Creating a Symbiotic Relationship

I have a love hate relationship with my smartphone. They make life so much easier with GPS, instant email access, and the hundreds of apps that do things like deposit a check without ever having to go to an ATM or bank. What I hate about cell phones is they have the ability to interrupt […]

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Six Popular Plant Care Myths Debunked

At your accounts, you are the plant expert. You can take advantage of the opportunity to spread good will by answering questions on plants from t[...]  » Read More

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Interiorscape Branding: Image IS Ever...

As Interiorscapers, we work in a visual industry and accordingly, image is everything.  Getting your company noticed isn’t an easy task, but it’s[...]  » Read More

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3 Time-Saving Plant Maintenance Hacks

Saving time is something all of us desire to do. In the plant service industry, any small step we can take to help eliminate labor time can make [...]  » Read More

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4 “Plant Peeves” Only Exp...

Keeping a plant alive is something most interiorscapers can accomplish. Keeping a plant looking like it just came out of the greenhouse, however,[...]  » Read More

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