3 Easy Indoor Plants

All indoor spaces can benefit from green foliage. Unfortunately, not every indoor space is ideal for growing healthy plants.

If you have clients desiring foliage in difficult spaces, the following three plants may be just right for them. Design your indoor landscapes so that the plants grow easily in their surroundings. It is easier to find a plant that fits the given conditions than to change the physical conditions of the location to grow a plant.

Here are three plants that will thrive in just about any indoor situation.

Chinese Evergreen, Aglaonema commutatum

The Chinese Evergreen is an indoor plant known for its large, variegated leaves. This plant will survive well in low humidity and low light. Its only weakness is cold temperatures. According to Guide to Houseplants, the Chinese evergreen will develop gray patches on its leaves when exposed to temperatures under 55 degrees. Avoid placing the plant in areas where the it may be exposed to drafts from opening doors or windows. The plant will grow between 2-3 feet tall. Guide to Houseplants warns that mature Chinese evergreens will lose their leaves toward the bottom giving the plant a spindly appearance. To avoid this choose newer compact varieties such as ‘Silver Queen.’ The leaves are more dense and will continue to appear dense even when mature.

Fiddleleaf Fig, Ficus lyrata

The Fiddleleaf Fig is currently a popular indoor plant among designers. It is a tree that grows as tall as 12 feet and as wide as 6 feet. However, it can be easily pruned to grow in a smaller space. It has glossy, dark green leaves with distinct veins. The leaves are large and whorled around the branches. This tree looks very lush and full of life.

Houseplant Care Tips suggests that this plant does not need to be watered very often and doesn’t require high humidity. It does however, need bright light. If the tree does not receive adequate light it will reach towards light sources and the new growth will appear smaller and thiner than the rest of the plant. Place this plant in a sunny window and it will require little else from the grower.

Cast-Iron Plant, Aspidistra elatior

The cast-iron plant truly lives up to its name. It is an incredibly tough plant that can withstand a significant amount of neglect. The cast-iron plant is not spectacularly beautiful, but it will provide lush greenery in spaces that will not otherwise sustain life. The cast-iron plant will thrive in low light, with little water and little humidity. According to the Union County College biology department the plant can endure extreme temperature changes. The cast-iron plant is great for areas with drafts that will damage most other plants.

All three of these plants will offer easy to care for lush greenery. They are just right for the fussy spaces that won’t tolerate other plants. Browse NewPro Containers for the perfect container to feature these foliage plants. Your indoor landscaping clients will be pleased with lovely long-lived plants and your job will be easier as these plants require little attention.

What are your favorite easy indoor plants?


Photo “Cast Iron Plant” courtesy of Nino Barbieri <http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)>
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Photo “Chinese Evergreen” courtesy of  <http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/85/Chinese_Evergreen2013.JPG>

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