Cleaning Air with Indoor Plants

Have you ever watched TED videos?

Money Plant

Money Plant

The videos cover various topics including success, happiness, and even entertainment such as math-magic. Check them out sometime if you haven’t seen them before.

The other day I came across an article that highlighted a TED Video featuring Kamal Meattle a man that has become an expert on the influence of indoor plants on the human condition. Kamal gives a great four minute speech full of statistics of how indoor plants have helped businesses and buildings improve the quality of their air. These stats can be your ammunition when you head into a presentation with potential client.

Take four minutes and watch the video and also read the article How to Clean Air with Indoor Plants.

Cleaning Air with Indoor Plants

Kamal mentions great benefits of keeping the three plants he mentions – Areca Palm, Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, and Money Plant – inside buildings. Some of the benefits include higher blood oxygen levels, a reduction in the number of headaches, eye irritants, and lung impairments. Beyond those great health benefits is a shown increase in the productivity of the building’s occupants by 20% by including the plants mentioned in the video inside of buildings and keeping the plants maintained with appropriate care.

Also there was a finding that the building reduced its energy costs by 15%. That’s a huge number to the bottom line of business. This kind of information is relatively new and may or may not be known by building owners and managers. Telling a building manager they may be missing out on the opportunity to improve the health of their co-workers while increasing productivity and reducing energy costs is a huge value proposition for any interiorscaper.

Indoor Plant Pots and Planters

Lechuza Classico Planter

The three plants mentioned in the video by Kamal are common and need basic planters or pots.

The Metallic Vista Floor Planter works great for plants of this size. They look nice indoors and go with most modern building interiors.

For a bolder statement for a floor plant you could go with something like the Lechuza Classico planter. This planter is a real show stopper in an indoor setting. This is a statement piece in many indoor buildings and the building manager can be sure the plants are helping the employees and the business too.

More Indoor Plant Cleaning News

Even the Wall St. Journal has an article on the power of indoor plants.

Vista Metallic Floor Planter

Vista Metallic Floor Planter

This article highlights the fact that some indoor plants can reduce dust particles and contaminates in the air. I was actually quite shocked to read that in today’s world people can spend up to 90% of their life indoors. And with the growing concern for the quality of indoor air there seems to be need for natural ways to clean the air.

Enter the inexpensive indoor houseplant and office plant.

But people don’t just want indoor plants to keep them healthy (although that’s pretty good on its own) people want their indoor plants to look appealing. In houses and office buildings people want to be surrounded by things that look beautiful.

That’s where great interiorscapers like you come in.

Money Plant image courtesy of Ipshita B

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