Educating Clients About Indoor Plant Benefits

Every business owner and manager wants results.

Indoor Office PlantSomething that’s always on the mind of business owners is the morale of the employees. Managers want their employees to be happy and working efficiently. Happy and healthy employees are not only good for business, but when people are happy and healthy it’s better for their own lives in the long term. With many businesses, employees spend a good portion of their lives in an office or building. The setting can determine – to a point – how healthy they are.

And beyond employees, a business’ customers are important as well.

A business owner or manager realizes these things. What is often difficult to understand for these business decision makers is how they can improve their business environment.

As interiorscapers it’s easy to understand how indoor plants can benefit a building’s ecosystem, but it’s more important to get the point across and educate business owners. With education, business owners will know they’re doing something to not only improve their business, but to improve the lives of their employees.

Educating Businesses about the Benefits of Indoor Plants

Start with and stick to the benefits.

Business owners are concerned about how anything and everything can improve their business and lead to positive, measurable return. Backing up claims with studies, research, and first hand experience is something business managers will appreciate. If you go to them with numbers and backing research your potential clients will be more likely to hire you to design their interior landscaping.

Basic Research and Benefits

A good way to stay up to date with the latest information in the indoor plant world is to keep tabs on the news. Here is an example article that includes numbers that are perfect for sharing with existing and potential clients.

Plants clean the air, improve your mood

While considering houseplants for future space bases, NASA found they can help cut down on airborne bacteria and mould spores by 50 per cent to 60 per cent.

In addition, houseplants emit water vapour like a living humidifier, helping the indoor air feel more comfortable. A Virginia Tech study credits houseplants with reducing indoor dust by 20 per cent.

Business owners probably have an idea that indoor plants are good to have, but most are used to making fact based decisions. By using facts like these and providing sources (when asked) you’ll become a thought leader and generally stand out as the authority in the industry. A competitive advantage like this can mean more qualified leads and more long-term clients.

Beyond providing statistics like those above, you can inform your clients that there may be cost savings benefits to indoor plants. Many indoor plants work as air purifiers. This can save businesses from having to install expensive air purifiers. The last thing a business wants to be known for is for having poor air circulation or other air quality deficiencies. It’s not good for employees and it’s not good for customers and visitors.

For businesses looking for clean air they may often overlook the purifying benefits of plants. And beyond cleaning the air, plants add a more appealing quality to the eye than a mechanical purifier.


Education is an important part of the selling process.

Business owners, managers, and decision makers are looking for ways to improve their office and building space. Most may have some idea of what the possibilities are when it comes to improving their working space, but most also need education from experts on how and why things like indoor plants can be beneficial to morale, business efficiency, and employee health.

Starting with benefits and backing claims with research and specific numbers can mean more leads and clients for you.

Next week we’re planning a post on how you can use the latest marketing tools including a blog as a way to educate your current and potential clients in 2011.

Stay tuned…

Until then – what are some of the methods that have worked for you regarding educating clients about the benefits of indoor plants and arrangements?

Share your thoughts and feel free to ask questions.

Indoor Office Plant image courtesy of sporkist

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