How to Leverage Your Interiorscape Press Release Online

In a previous article, I wrote about how to write good content for your interiorscape company’s press release and how to get a press release published. Besides sending them to your local news outlets and media sources, posting the press release to your website is another great use of company material. But don’t just add them anywhere on your site. According to PR firms, there are a few how tos you should bear in mind to make the most of combining press releases with your website.

How To #1: Designated Space

The first rule is to create a designated space just for press release content. You will want to make it as easy as possible for journalists and your customer base to find that content. If they have to search in different areas each time, journalists will pass on your content and look for more organized sites.

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How To #2: Background Information

Make sure you include background information about your interiorscape business. This information would be the company’s history, number of employees, short bios on executives or company spokespeople. Most importantly, list the contact names for your media relations along with email addresses and phone numbers so local reporters can easily make follow-up calls should they want to publish your story. 

How To #3: Previous Press

Besides having company background information available, include news clippings of quality media coverage you may have received in the past. Do not make the mistake of including every single company article or media coverage you’ve had for the past ten years. Instead, pick your top five media coverage from the last few years. If you must, up to ten is okay. 

Including this additional media coverage makes your company appear current rather than stale.  If a national publication has covered your business, make sure this is one of your top picks. Such national coverage increases your credibility and sparks more attention from local media. Lastly, show diverse types of media clips you’ve received.  

How To #4: Press Release Archive

If you’ve been writing press releases for some time, make the most recent ones visible on the first page. For the older releases, create an archive for anyone interested. Having too much information about your interiorscape company together in this time-strapped age will frustrate viewers.    

How To #5: Media Kit

A media kit is not a necessity, but it can be very helpful when trying to attract reporters to your story. A media kit should include items such as your company logo, headshots of your leadership, and eye-catching product images. These photos need to be high-resolution images – otherwise, they will turn out blurry and, therefore, useless when media reps try to copy onto their formats. 

How To #6: Social Links

Don’t forget to add links to your company’s social networks throughout your website for easy access. If you take the time to connect with journalists on their social media accounts, you will increase the likelihood of getting their attention. Posting reactions to their posts on social media is a great way to interact and learn what type of stories your local reporters and news outlets want.  

Nowadays, your company website usually provides the first impression of your business for potential customers and media outlets. Thus, it is important to make sure your website is visually appealing, easy to read, and simple to navigate. Having a clean, compelling design and a section devoted to press releases will gain attention for even more coverage.

Sherry has been part of the interiorscape industry for over fifteen years, starting at an entry level job at North Florida's largest greenhouse and currently owning two horticulture companies. At UMaine, Sherry majored in English where she worked part-time writing scripts for a local college TV studio.

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