Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Offering a Color Rotation

Life is rich with people and experiences. But let’s go just ahead and add some color and texture to that!

color rotationsI’m a “Color Freak”. I collect color palettes. I can’t help noticing how the sun hits my Papyrus plant at 5 o’clock creating three hues of green that I would describe as celery, olive and basil. I can almost taste it! Purples and blues make me swoon. Yellows and oranges fill me with joy. A newly installed bed of pink, yellow, orange and white Kalanchoes scream Spring and confetti eggs. And oh, those pops of red in a beautiful Poinsettia during the holidays can boost me into a festive mood. Even the browns, from caramel to chocolate to espresso, feel toasty and calming.

color rotationsColor makes people pause. They can’t help but notice, take a picture, or comment. And what better way to lift someone’s spirits, than a colorful bouquet of flowers, or a live healthy green plant?

It’s a great thing when your work is plants, because there is A LOT of color and texture in this realm and the palette is vast.

Offering a color rotation is one option folks usually do not refuse. When selling color, I always mention all the beautiful hues and textures of green at our disposal. However, educating the client as to what a “color plant” is may take some visuals to back up why it’s such a great idea. Having photo arrangements on an iPad or phone readily accessible along with some single pictures of the color plant would be great.

A “color plant” is any plant with a high amount of variegation, whether striped, speckled, or multi colored leaves. Fall is such a beautiful time of year to introduce the numerous and beautiful varieties of Croton out there. Then there’s Alocasia, Lemon/lime and Limelight Dracaenas, Brasil Cordatum, colorful hybrid Aglaonemas, burgundy Ficus Decora, cream colored Dieffenbachias and for extra texture Calethea, such as Lancifolia. All these last much longer than a bloomer would.

color rotationsDon’t get me wrong, I like a great mass number bromeliad rotation, but it may be too big of an expense for some. A bromeliad / color plant mix is a good option to reducing the cost of your install. You get color, texture and savings. A win all the way around.

Orchids are very popular right now. Phalaenopsis are easy, colorful and prolific. Mix and match with replica and live succulents, or with ruffle ferns for something a little different.

color rotationsAlways mention the seasonal short term bloomers like Azaleas, Begonias, Mums and Kalanchoes. These are all great ways to add pizzazz to an annual color rotation.

And last, but certainly not least, if you feel adventurous opt for a live floral arrangement rotated weekly. We are seeing many folks trending towards a more minimalized, yet elegant look, and are very fortunate to have a talented floral specialist on staff who designs and constructs all our arrangements. As we build up this program, we may potentially see a need for a refrigerated cooler so we can purchase flowers direct. There are so many possibilities!

Color has the ability to turn frowning faces into smiles of simple pleasure. The presence of color is at the very heart of all human life.

Robbin Voight is a 30 year veteran of the plantscape and horticulture industry. Her horticultural consulting service is based in Georgetown, Texas. She is an active trail guide at several preserves in Austin, and a hobby naturalist. Robbin is a Registered Green Plants for Green Buildings Trainer looking forward to presenting the accredited 'Advanced Living Walls' continuing education course and 'The Economics of Biophilic Design' to architects and interior designers across North America. You can reach her at [email protected]

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