How to Marketing Plant Rental for Events

Are things going smoothly for your interior landscaping business? Would like to try something new? Is business steady, but you’ve seemed to have lost steam when it comes to attracting new clients? Are you just starting out and can’t seem to win clients?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may want to consider trying something new. Look for a new market that hasn’t been tapped yet. Find what costumers are longing for so that you can meet that need. As you find these new market niches you can expand your client base and improve your business.

Special Events

If you’ve generally stuck to providing plants for offices, shopping malls and apartment complexes, one new market you may not have considered is special events. While an event planner will not want a long-term, elaborate plant scape they may want some foliage to add to the decor. You can accommodate their needs by offering short-term plant rental. Your business can offer arrangements and maintenance of  the rented plants during the appointed period whether it is a month or a few days. There are many different kinds of events that can benefit from beautifully crafted living plant arrangements. Many people are beginning to think outside of the cut-flower arrangement box and you can be prepared to earn their business.  Conferences and conventions, grand-openings, galas, balls and even weddings are the types of events that will be benefit from short-term, live plant rental.


There are several advantages of short-term event rental. You can reuse plants again and again allowing you to keep a smaller inventory on hand if your rentals do not overlap. Plants can be easily changed into different containers to fit the occasion. Short-term clients may be so impressed with your work that they will hire you for longer term interior landscaping projects. Giving prospective clients a short-term, low commitment option will encourage them to try your services without the cost and risk of purchasing an entire interior landscape. Once they see the value of your service, they will be more inclined to want continue as a long-term client. For example, a hotel rents plants to liven up a conference room for an up-coming convention. They are in awe of how beautiful and inviting you have made the conference room and want to provide the same atmosphere in their lobbies and public spaces. You now have a long-term contract. Even if an event rental doesn’t result in a long-term contract you have still made money, and expanded your network of clients.


You can find potential events clients a number of ways. Personal meetings with event planners for hotels, convention centers, etc. will probably be the most productive. Take a portfolio and be sure they understand why their event would not be complete without live plants. Personal networking is powerful so always carry your business cards with you. You can also look for local events on social media sites such as Facebook and twitter, search out wedding planning groups or search terms such as “convention” or “conference.” Join the discussion in those areas. You can also post articles about why live plants are important for special events and pictures of the types of plants and arrangements that your business provides. Don’t forget adds in wedding planning magazines, and local magazines and newspapers. No matter where you advertise your services make sure your contact information is clear and visible include a phone, website, e-mail and physical address. Also, make sure the add is very clear about the service you provide.

With a little extra marketing work and taking on a few new plants that can be kept in a rental rotation you can expand your interior landscaping business and win new clients.


Have you tried plant rental for special events? What challenges have you faced? What has worked well?


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