More Plants, Happier Employees

The news keeps coming in – plants are good for business.

Big Indoor PlantsIt seems every week new studies are released about the benefits of indoor plants. The positive vibe around plants and flowers indoors is the air cleaning benefit they have. As a result of the studies and the reaction people are having businesses are starting to take notice. It’s leading to interest in what it takes to have a successful interior lanscape design in offices, restaurants and other business settings.

All the news about the health benefits of indoor plants and flowers should mean good things for interiorscapers. As businesses look to improve efficiency and effectiveness it would seem logical for CEOs and manages to look for creative solutions. Having your business in position to present the benefits of indoor plants and flowers is key for your growth and success.

Here is a little snip from a recent article…

From Plants in a Workplace? Voila!:

Raymond De Young, an environmental psychologist at the University of Michigan, states that, “the more plants in an office, the happier the employees”. On top of that (yes, there’s more) studies have shown that plants in the office help reduce complaints of cough, hoarse throat, and fatigue. Need some figures? Get this. A study conducted by professors in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Washington State University showed that subjects were 12% quicker in reactions on computer tasks with plants present and less stressed (systolic blood pressure lower) than were the control subjects who tested in a room without plants.

That’s some good info right there. It’s great insight to use when having your next discussion with a business decision maker. An interesting point from the quote above is the part about – the more plants, the happier the employees are.

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

More Plants, Happier Employees

It seems this could be a point where employers might get weary of indoor plants. We’ve all seen the situations where employees bring in their own plant or flower for the office window or cubicle shelf. These are fine, but as the recent studies are showing – the more plants, the happier the employees.

But where will all these plants go? That’s the questions businesses are asking. And it’s where you come in to provide the answers for their interiorscaping dilemmas. Business managers don’t really know about purchasing wholesale pots and planters. They don’t know how plants should be arranged in their office for the best health benefit and for aesthetically appealing design. This is the situation where an interiorscaper is necessary.

Some managers are going to want you to come in and provide all the direction with just a bit of input from them. Other managers are going to want to be more involved. They’ll probably ask more questions and want more answers to “why?”. It’s good to have information from the recent studies like the ones quoted above in your back pocket for these clients.

In a world where more plants mean happier employees business managers are going to get overwhelmed. It’s a great opportunity for you to take advantage.


It seems to be an exciting time for interiorscapers. What are your recent experiences with business? Are things up or down? Share your experiences in the comments below?

Melanie is a plant enthusiast and expert contributor at and Melanie's experience in internet marketing, business management, and horticulture allows her to bring a unique perspective to the community. Melanie received a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University and is the Marketing Director at NewPro Containers.

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