Should You Grow Your Own Tropical Plants in a Greenhouse?

The rising costs of interior foliage paired with shrinking selection and availability makes the prospect of growing your own ornamental foliage for your interiorscape business very tempting.  With your own tropical inventory, turn-around times for replacements could be hours instead of days. Shipping costs would disappear.  Most of all, the major expense of purchasing plants […]

Fiberglass Planters

COVID-19, Disinfectant and Plants

Since COVID-19, I’ve come across a few damaging plant situations. Overwatering, lack of light, and disinfectant applications are some of what I'v[...]  » Read More

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Your 5 Favorite Fiberglass Planters o...

Over the past year, our clients have enjoyed a number of shaped fiberglass planters. Our wide variety of inventory spans rectangles, squares, rou[...]  » Read More

Your 5 Favorite Fiberglass Planters of 2020 Featured Image

Winter Care for Fiberglass Planters

For year-round displays, it’s crucial to select planter materials that are able to withstand the elements. Fiberglass planters are frequently cho[...]  » Read More

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Why is Biophilic Design Important? 3 ...

Biophilic design is rooted in the idea that humans have an innate relationship with nature, and that the spaces we inhabit should include natural[...]  » Read More

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